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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement, which may be modified from time to time by Bedbron, was created to inform you of how your information is safeguarded, gathered, and used. By placing a notice on our website, Bedbron will notify you of any substantial changes to this privacy statement.

1. Protecting your privacy

2. Data we collect

3. Data we store


4. Search engines and other websites archiving and showing Bedbron postings.


Bedbron job ads, including resumes, are archived or otherwise made accessible on search engines and other websites that are not connected to Bedbron, such as google.com, groups.yahoo.com, and archive.org.


5. Conditions under which Bedbron may provide information

6. International Users

You recognize and agree that by using our website and giving us information, we may use such information for the reasons set forth in this policy or in other contacts with you, including the transmission of information beyond the country in which you ordinarily reside. Also, be aware that these data can be kept on Dutch servers. You agree to the transmission of your data if you give it to us.

7. Feedback and comments

Please use our contact form to provide us your thoughts on this paper. We are happy to clarify any words for you to better understand.